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Etheral light shooting up between multiple hands

We were fortunate enough to be open to signs from Claudia soon after her passing. I'm sure all of those who pass over want to connect immediately to their friends and family, but not everyone is open to this possibility. Try to be- they do want to connect, open your self to the possibility:

Here are some fo the ways Claudia communicated to us:


We had a lot of children, including our own, who came to Claudia's funeral. I wanted the minister to read something that could help the children understand. He read, Waterbugs and Dragonflies. It was a great story that explained how waterbugs turn into dragonflies. The waterbug isn't gone, it just turns into another shape. I thought it was a nice way to help the children understand. The day after the funeral a couple of my sisters, my mother and I were sitting on my back porch. I was a mess and I hated seeing my younger nieces running around my yard. I was so jealous that I didn't have Claudia here to play with. I just wanted everyone to go home. Then all of a sudden, a mass swarm of dragonflies took over my back yard and porch - there were hundreds of them! Literally 100's. They were all shapes and sizes, flying everywhere! This was the end of the summer when dragonflies aren't really around much. I knew right away that Claudia was telling me she is still here with me and will always be just as the dragonfly has been since the time of the dinosaurs! Since that day, the dragonfly has always represented Claudia. We all see them, our friends see them, they come at random times, sit on our laps, follow us around. I even had my youngest niece, comment last year, "that's Claudia"  as she pointed to a dragonfly flying around.

Ball of Fire

​Something woke me up in the middle of the night one night a few months after Claudia's passing. I sat up and saw an enormous spinning ball of light that was bright orange and yellow, spinning wildly in the hall. I couldn't even move to wake my husband. I knew it was Claudia. I was mesmerized. I had never seen anything like this before.

TV & Lights

​Our son Cam was about 8 years old when Claudia passed over. I needed a way to explain energy to him and how Claudia was not here in her body, but was here in spirit. I found a book that explained how its easy for spirits to commuicate with us through our electricity. The book also talked about dreams and how are energy can leave our bodies while in the dream state and visit with others, both here and on the other side. Well, I guess Cam was listening. I was making dinner one night and Cam yells from the living room, "Mom, Claudia is here. She keeps turning the TV and lights on and off!" I was thrilled for a couple of reasons. One, because Cam understood what I had explained to him about how spirits can communicate and second, that Claudia was communicating to Cam!

Every once in awhile our lights would start randomly going off and on and one of us would always say..."Claudia, we know that it's you!" 

Ed's Truck

​We were laying in bed one morning and all of a sudden we heard Ed's truck start out in the driveway. Ed jumped out of bed, threw on his pants and ran downstairs to stop the thief stealing his truck! He got outside and no one was there. He shut it off, came back to bed and the truck started again. He went back downstairs and wondered what the heck is going on. Meanwhile, I put the pieces togther. It was Father's Day! Claudia was saying Happy Father's Day to her dad. Ed came back upstairs and while I explained what was going on, his truck started again. He went back outside and I said, "Ok Claudia, we get it! Dad knows what you are can stop now!" and laughed. Ed came back upstairs and the truck hasn't started on its own since.

Swing Set

​Brittany was 6 and just entering Kindergarten when Claudia passed over. We had a swing set in the backyard that she just loved playing on. She would spend hours out there, swinging, climbing and flipping over the bars. We were in the kitchen and she said she was going out to play on the swings. I made some comment that she loves playing on them and she replied, "I love playing on them because Claudia always visits me there."  And started to head out. I was a little shocked. She had never mentioned it before, and after I thought about it, I realized how I use to watch her swing, talking to herself the whole time. Well, I guess she wasn't talking to herself! She was having conversations with Claudia. I had a few of my own questions so I told Britt to ask Claudia why she had to leave. Britt replied, very matter-of-factly, "It doesn't work that way Mom" and headed outside. 

Cam's Truck

Cam had just graduated high school. He was at his friends house with a bunch of other kids. He left his car in the parking lot across the street.  A little while later a few more friends arrived.  One of them asked Cam why he was running his truck.  He didnt know what the kid was talking about and ran out to see what was going on. His truck was in fact running and the keys were still in his pants pocket!  He knew this was Claudia and her way of acknowledging his graduation.

Driver's Licenses

It was time for Cam to get his license- he had completed all of his required driving hours and his driving coach called the DMV to schedule his driving exam. He informed Cam the day of his exam would be July 13th- Claudia's birthday- We were both confident he would pass- and he did.

Two years later it was Britt's turn for her driving exam. She had completed her requirements and her driving coach called the DMV to schedule her exam. He informed her that her team would take place on July 13th!!  Seriously?!  Once again, we were confident she'd pass- and confident Claudia was right there beside her. 

Jury Duty

Claudia's birthday is 7/13- Brittany had her jury duty randomly moved to this date- and subsequently dismissed, many are dismissed- but first  moved to that date, then dismissed- Claudia was behind it.

White Balloon

We took a boat ride to Boston on 7/13, returning we saw a birthday balloon floating in the water- I thought cool, but said I wanted to see a white balloon (very significant for us). Five minutes later we drive by another balloon floating in the water and it was a white one.

Engine Fix

Cam had an engine breakdown late one afternoon and without being able to repair it he'd miss lobstering the next day (very upsetting for him). But later that afternoon when we sent up balloons for Claudia's birthday, he sent a note asking her for help with his engine. Early the next morning his engine was miraculously fixed but it then turned out he wasn't going to be able to go lobstering anyway because tropical storm Claudette was coming thru!

I could go on and on with stories and how she has connected with us.  We know, without a single doubt, that we can call on Claudia for help & guidance anytime, anywhere. She's always there to help us.

Golden energy ball
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