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Claudia Marie Smith was born on Friday, July 13th. She was welcomed home by her big brother, Cam and big sister, Brittany.  She was a wonderful addition to our family and blended in seamlessly to all of our activities.  She had a bubbly, easy going personality, an adorable chubby little face and a head of golden curls. I was stopped constantly by complete strangers just so they could tell me how much she looked like a little cherub. 


Although Claudia was only here for a short while, she touched the lives of all who knew her and even those who never got the chance.  Three months after her passing I became pregnant with our daughter, Annika, who was born 5 days before Claudia's 1st anniversary.  She was a gift sent from our little angel.

We received many messages following Claudia's passing and continue to be blessed with them today. We all know, that although Claudia may not be here physically, she has never left us spiritually, and she never will.

Having experienced the most heart wrenching pain anyone could ever be asked to endure, the loss of a beautiful child- we know all to well how difficult the journey is.  We learned to open our hearts, let Claudia lead the way and our road never ends.  If we can help anyone, in anyway, make their way thru this difficult journey, it would be an honor. 

Please contact us anytime. We are hopeful this site will allow us to reach others who are in need of guidance and help, especially thru the most heart wrenchingly painful first years.

Cam & Claudia

Brittany & Claudia


Claudia Marie Smith

July 13, 2000 - August 23, 2001

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