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I searched everywhere for information. I needed to understand what was going on and I had a million questions.


A few questions I needed answers to right away included: Where did Claudia go? What happens there? What heppens next? Does her life continue? Or does it just end? How do I keep her spirit alive, especially when everyone wants to avoid talking about death? How do other cultures explain death? How do I explain this to my kids? Will my kids be destroyed by this and end up needing therapy? How do we continue on as family?  Will this destroy our marriage? How do I continue on?

So I bought books. I was never a very big reader, but at this time I was reading 5+ books at a time. If I began a book and it didn't resonate wtih me, I'd toss it aside and start another. If I felt connected to it, I stormed my way through, shared everything I learned with my kids and my husband and just continued devouring information. But, it wasn't easy. Today there seems to be more and more books which I would have loved to read then- they just weren't available...but the good news is, they are now!

I will post books that I found helpful. If they help you too, thats great! If not, toss them aside and try another.

Book: Life on the Other Side
Book: Born Knowing
Children's Book: The Angel with the Golden Glow
Book: Anatomy of the Spirit
Book: The Power of Now
Book: Talking to Heaven
Book: Our Children Live On
Book: The Secret
Book: After Life
Book: The Art of Happiness
Book: Heaven is for Real
Book: Miraculous Moments
Book: A New Earth
Book: The Celestine Prophecy
Book: Where Are You Going?
Book: A World Beyond
Book: Does Death Really Exist?
Book: The Four Agreements
Book: Doorways to the Soul
Book: Wheels of Life
Book: The Seven Spiritual Laws  of Success
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